Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

The Pink Thing: Book 4

click meHow did I get the book?  I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary

Additional Information: I bought this book after asking my friend so something good to read. She told me Annie on my Mind was amazing so I decided to give it a go.

Synopsis: Liza Winthrop first meets Annie Kenyon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a rainy day. The two become fast friends, although they come from different backgrounds.
Liza is the student body president at her private school, Foster Academy, where she is studying hard to get into MIT and become an architect. She lives with her parents and younger brother in the upscale neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, where most residents are professionals.
Annie goes to a public school and lives with her parents — a bookkeeper and a cabdriver — and grandmother in a lower-income part of Brooklyn. Although Annie is not sure if she will be accepted, she hopes to attend the University of California, Berkeley to develop her talent as a singer.
While they have different histories and goals in life, the two girls do share a close friendship that quickly grows into love. Liza’s school is struggling to remain open and she finds herself having to defend a student who planned a poorly conceived program: ear piercing in the school basement. This results in a three-day school suspension for Liza and helps to bring Liza and Annie closer together as they both deal with the struggles encountered by many high school students.

200 words (or less) review: The story starts with Liza as she’s trying to write a letter to Annie after ignoring her for months. Struggling Liza looks out of the window and so begins her narration of how she meet Annie and how they fell in love.

Certain moments in the story date the book to when it was written (1980s). I don’t think the ear-piercing would be such a huge deal now but for the most part Annie on my Mind is timeless. I was very fond of Annie and was routing for both girls from start to finish.

There is a wide array of characters. Liza’s teachers, Ms Widmer and Ms Stevenson, are the adult parallel of what Liza and Annie wish to be and (while infuriating) their ending only made the story more real to me.

I really really love this book, part of me knows it’s because I believe books that tackle subjects that not everyone likes are important but the bigger part of me loves it because it is a wonderful, beautifully written story that makes you fall in love.

Recommend it?

Most definitely + Sunshine Star

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